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Understand our approach towards transformation

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

At The Integral Space we have many avenues and approaches toward healing and transforming lives.

In order to mitigate any confusion we have divided all our services and products into five distinct categories for ease of understanding.

They are:

1. Holistic Health Consultation and Therapies (Healing and Rejuvenation)

We provide the best holistic health consultation and treatment available. All our holistic health facilitators are of the highest caliber and professional integrity. We at The Integral Space Believe in an individualized approach to health and wellbeing. Visitors are welcome to come for a free health consultation where we can outline various approaches towards a return to wellbeing based upon individual and specific needs.

Be it mind based, (such as hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP) Body based (such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Nutrition Counselling) or Energy Based (such as Reiki, PEMF Therapy or Pranic Healing), we have some something to benefit everyone.

Alongside working on the holistic wellbeing of an Individuals Mind, Body and Subtle energies we also have experts who can work on a range of other areas including: Familial and social wellbeing, Career and financial wellbeing, and Intellectual and creative wellbeing.

2. Courses, Workshops and seminars (Healing and Rejuvenation, Learning and Empowerment, Creativity and Contribution)

In our workshop and seminar spaces (which are multi-functional spaces that are also used for Movement Based Classes and Events), we offer a wide range of workshops and seminars relating to holistic health, wellbeing, spirituality, arts, culture and inspiration. These are typically seated workshops conducted by our facilitators where there is usually some form of presentation and course materials provided. All our classes and workshops are related to either Holistic Health and Wellbeing (such as: Acupressure and meridian theory, Reiki, Ayurveda, NLP and counselling) or Arts and culture (such as: Creative Writing, Photography, Filmmaking, Acting, Painting and Music).

At The Integral Space we believe strongly that dependence on a facilitator for one’s wellbeing is no substitute for self-empowerment through learning techniques and approaches that promote one’s own wellbeing. It’s the old Proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. So hence, whilst we would never turn a suffering person away, our aim and purpose is to guide our visitors toward becoming invested and committed to their own wellbeing, growth and transformation independent of any teacher or facilitator.

That is why, after one has returned to a state of wellbeing it is important to learn approaches and techniques that one can practice at home for the benefit of oneself, one’s family, friends and loved ones.

3. Movement based classes (Healing and Rejuvenation, Learning and Empowerment, Creativity and Contribution)

Movement is the mechanism through which the body heals itself. It is integral to sustaining and maintaining any long-term state of wellbeing. The sad truth however is that as our lives are becoming more technologically advanced they are also becoming more sedentary. The Integral Space aims to change this by offering the best movement based classes there are to offer.

Be it Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts or Functional fitness The Integral Space is committed to personal transformation and empowerment through the union of breath and movement. Irrespective of one’s personal goals; whether it’s to promote health, lose weight, get fit, learn a new skill, or simply to have fun and meet new friends, we have classes to meet your individual needs and requirements.

4. Events (Learning and Empowerment, Creativity and Contribution)

Events are opportunities for the whole community of individuals dedicated to their wellbeing, growth and transformation to come together and take part in a shared experience. Events can either be one off or recurring and are either related to health and wellbeing (Such as: A sound healing performance, A Panel Discussion on Holistic Health, A Healing festival, and a Charity or Fundraising Event) or related to Arts and culture (Such as: Film Screenings, A live music performance, A dance performance, An artwork display, A live theatre or stand up comedy/Improv performance, A poetry reading event, Open Mic Nights, and An Arts and Cultural Festival) .

Events are also opportunities to get inspired. Inspiration is the first step toward making positive changes that can transform lives. When we see others with the courage to showcase their talents and abilities then it inspires us to do the same. Events are also wonderful opportunities to meet new people and make new friends with shared and common interests. They are a time for joy and the celebration of the gift of life.

5. Bespoke and Customized Corporate employee engagement programs

We live in ever more fast paced and challenging times, where the potential for stress and dis – ease is growing increasingly high. Nowhere could this be more applicable and true than in the corporate world. Absenteeism due to illness, high attrition, office politics, conflicts of interest, and work stress are the main contributing factors towards low productivity and performance in the work place.

A stressed and unhealthy, demotivated and uninspired workforce is a costly liability.

However, a fit and healthy, calm and relaxed, motivated and inspired team is a wonderful asset to any business or industry and will yield consistent growth and multiplying returns. Such a team will also uplift and inspire anyone they come into contact with.

When we do what we love, we always give our best and the results will reflect that. That is fundamentally the message that we wish to impart and instil. With inspiration comes the desire to create positive change, with the creation of positive change comes the integration of a better way of living, With the integration of a better way of living comes the desire to make a positive contribution to ones work, family, friends and loved ones. And with consistent positive contribution any enterprise can flourish and the world becomes a better place.

At the Integral Space we provide the best bespoke and completely customized employee engagement programs relating to health and wellbeing and arts and culture. With a huge network of professional facilitators that can cover a broad spectrum of services, all of which can be combined and tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements, we are a one-stop shop solution for all employee engagement programs.

Alongside conducting employee engagement programs on site at the clients premises, we can also conduct small (up to 30 participants) and medium (up to 100 Participants) sized programs at our premises in Lower Parel. We can also organize and conduct outbound programs at beautiful locations in Alibaug/Mandve, Lonavala, and Mahabaleshwar. Specially for senior Management we can also manage trekking and wellbeing retreats in Pahalgam, Kashmir.

The length of the program can also be adjusted to meet the client’s requirements. Typically there are three models which we operate; Short programs, (which can run from 1 hour to a half day) Medium Programs (which run from 1 to 2 days) and longer programs (which run for 2 days or more)

If you or anyone you love is suffering in any area or aspect of life that needs to be resolved and would like to book an appointment with one of our facilitators, then please click here to book a consultation.

If you are interested in joining us through our membership programs then you can contact us on +91 9820346338 for further details.

If you are a facilitator or an organization and would like use our facilities to conduct private consultations with your clients then please click here to collaborate with us.

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