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About The Integral Space

We first began teaching yoga in 2000, eager to share the beauty of this technique with others. Based in the Mumbai area, our intention at The Integral Space is to help our students listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone.

Yoga is an ancient art that teaches us to be present in the moment. We hope that our students experience the joy that this practice brings us. Our Healing Center has something for everyone, and at all levels. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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The Integral Space team

At The Integral Space, we are proud to call some of the most talented and experienced leaders in yoga members of our team. They are fully committed to creating the welcoming, encouraging environment that our Healing Center is known for.

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Mona Doctor


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Vatsal Doctor


Our Heritage

It is said, that “ancestral heritage plays a significant role in our lives. It’s in our DNA, whether we are aware of it or not.”

Th co-founders of The Integral Space have been blessed with a rich heritage. Their ancestry heralds a line of active supporters of social welfare and freedom. They were blessed to be mentored by great luminaries.

In gratitude, the co-founders wish to pay tribute to those beacons of light that lit many flames and touched many lives. 

Fit Young Man

Dr P J Mehta

Dr. Pranjivan Mehta was to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi what Friedrich Engels was to Karl Marx: at once a disciple and a patron, who saw, very early, that the friend of his youth had the makings of the heroic, world transforming figure he was to later become.

   ~Ramchandra Guha, Gandhi Before India, (2013)

Dr. P. J. Mehta was a Doctor, a Barrister and a Jeweller in Rangoon, Burma.

He was the first to see the potential of Gandhi and was instrumental in bringing Gandhi to India to start the freedom struggle.

His month long dialogue with Gandhi in the Savoy hotel in London, on planning the freedom of India, was published in a book called Hind Swaraj.

He was Mahatma Gandhi’s greatest friend and benefactor. He introduced Shrimad Rajchandra, to Gandhi, who later became Gandhiji’s spiritual mentor.

Great grandfather to the CO-founder, Mona Doctor.

Dr Manilal Doctor

Manilal Maganlal Doctor, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, became a renowned British Indian barrister and social worker, worked alongside freedom activists during British Rule.
He travelled and worked,  across various British colonies, particularly in Mauritius, Fiji and Aden. He provided legal assistance to the local ethnic Indian populations who were indentured labour.
On the  pedestal under his statue in Port Louis, Mauritius is written “ He felt for the oppressed and served them”
Grandfather to the CO-founder Mona and Great grandfather to Vatsal.

Confident Young Woman
Confident Fit Woman

C Tejpal Mehta

Chotalal Tejpal, or C. Tejpal was an artist, a portrait painter, a thinker and social reformer in Rajkot, Gujarat. He painted portraits for the kings and dignitaries.
A pioneer environmentalist, he was instrumental in starting the first electric crematorium in Chandanwadi, Mumbai to cremate the dead. In order to save the felling of trees.
Grandfather to Indira Doctor.

Indira Doctor

Inspired by Jayaprakash Narayan and Dada Dharmadhikari, Indira Doctor started Gandhi’s work of ‘ Trusteeship’ by founding the Trusteeship Foundation in India, with the hope to introduce this concept in the business and industrial domain. As Hon. Secretary of Trusteeship Foundation she started the dialogue of Trusteeship with all the leading business houses, held national and international seminars and also set up Industrial units based on the concept of Industrial Democracy.

Indira was greatly inspired by Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Vimala Thakkar who became her spiritual mentors.

Mother to the CO-Founder, Mona Doctor.

Confident Fit Woman
Fit Young Man

Indubhushan Doctor

The son of Manilal Doctor, and owner of the “Rite - Print - Pak” printing press, which was founded in the year 1962, I. M. Doctor was also the President of The Bombay Master Printer Association (BMPA).

Greatly influenced by J. Krishnamurti, he stayed away from organised religion.

He made a significant contribution to the print community in India and has been a strong mentor to many young entrepreneurs. 

Father to The Co-founder Mona Doctor.

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