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Mona Doctor


Mona is the Co-founder of the Integral Space, and the most senior facilitator and co-creator of “The Integral Approach” methodology. She plays varied roles as the Elder of our spiritual tribe. Her personal and spiritual knowledge and experience make her the go-to person for wisdom, clarity, spiritual advice and everything under the sun! That is what makes Mona so approachable!

Her unique blend of strength, openness and acceptance, her ability to relate to people from all walks of life, whether young or old, rich or poor.

What she sees, is the quiet strength in others, even in their weakest moments, the parts that need to be held, loved, accepted, healed and released.

Quite like a mid-wife, holding space for you, while you birth into your new self. Offering her presence, unique essence, wisdom, passion and distilled learning, to support the person, to facilitate a significant, lasting, shift in themselves.

A Certified Practitioner and a strong advocate of natural, traditional, energy medicine and healing methodologies, with a wealth of wisdom and experience, gleaned though decades of deep study and research in the healing arts.

Mona practices as a, Holistic Health Consultant, Counsellor, Energy and Sound Healer, and Workshop Facilitator.

Mona’s expertise lies in creating a return to balance, through her consultation and therapeutic work, while empowering the person, to uncover their own hidden brilliance.

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