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Vatsal Doctor


Vatsal is the Co-founder of the Integral Space. As the man behind creation of The Integral Space, Vatsal is a trained actor and a writer. His spiritual knowledge comes from his personal search for the meaning of love, and the search for that love has taken him places, including the inception of our Centre. 

Known for his gregarious, open and loving disposition, that is only matched with a scientific, practical and no-nonsense approach towards health, He firmly believes in an Integrated, Holistic and Individualized approach to wellbeing and is therefore a strong advocate of “The Integral Approach “methodology, which includes Natural, Traditional and Energy Medicine, Healing Modalities and Technology. He is a Certified Practitioner in several disciplines of study and research in the healing arts.

Vatsal practices as a Holistic Health Consultant, Counsellor, Energy and Sound Healer, Massage Therapist, Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.

Alongside conducting personal therapeutic sessions, Vatsal facilitates workshops and training as well as curates tailor made experiences, on a wide range of topics relating to health, wellbeing and spirituality.

One such unique offering is “Dance Ecstatica”, which has been an ongoing journey for a few years now, his own unique blend of movement, music and healing, that enables each participant to transform stuck energy.

Vatsal is a public speaker on wellbeing, holistic, integrative health and spirituality and has been an esteemed guest speaker at many corporate and public events.

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