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Get to know The Kwan - The Golden Trinity

Loving what we do

We love what we do. We love the act of caring and sharing and making a positive impact in someone’s life. We love to help a return to wellbeing or to see someone inspired to be or create a positive change. We love to see peoples faces light up with joy and gratitude, wonder and amazement. We love to see lives that have been fractured join to become whole. We love to practice and serve, to facilitate healing and open up the possibility for transformation.

Being respected for what we do

We are respected and respect the needs and wants of our community; both as individuals and as a whole. We are grateful for the respect that we receive from the opportunity to add value to their lives. We gracefully receive our honours as inspiration to further improve and refine our quality and authenticity of service. We are honoured to have the opportunity to serve our community and thereby earn its respect. We receive respect with grace and humility.

Being rewarded for what we do

We are rewarded handsomely for what we do. Money is a natural byproduct of the excellent work and quality of service that doing what you love manifests. We are paid well and with surplus to give back to the community through our constant improvement of paid services and our community outreach work. Our growth amounts to the growth of all who are with us. We strive towards excellence, and the money comes.

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