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Updated: Feb 16, 2022

There are certain Defining Virtues which lie at the heart of all that we do:

Love and Service: We pledge to serve everyone present with love, compassion, care, honesty, and professional Integrity.

Commitment: We yield to serve until the last breath exits our bodies. We are lifelong committed to the service of all that we encounter.

Truth: We conduct ourselves with total honesty and transparency. All including mistake and failure will be accounted for.

Community: We are a vibrant community of individual’s committed to the growth and wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and all of our brothers and sisters. We take positive action to bring this about.

Support: We support our community with all our capacity and ensure to give them the best guidance, care, and service that we can offer.

Care: We genuinely care for our community and desire nothing more than to see it bloom and flourish.

Consistency: We consistently work to improve the quality of our products and services. We consistently work to improve the quality of ourselves as individuals.

Sensitivity: We are sensitive to everybody’s needs and work to serve as truthfully as possible.

Strength and Vulnerability: We are strong enough to be truly vulnerable and vulnerable enough to be truly strong. We are strong enough to live up to our own and the mistakes of others. We are vulnerable to forgive all and make the changes.

Sustainability: We run our enterprise sustainably both in terms of business and ecological footprint. We sustain ourselves and our community through daily consistent practice.

Transformation: We provide the environment, the guidance and the inspiration for personal transformation to take place.

Giving: We encourage the attitude of gratitude through all our services and community outreach programs.

Quality control: We aim to have the best quality products, services, and facilitators that this planet has to offer. We curate and choose carefully every facilitator that we provide. Choice is based on Merit, character, efficacy and the correct approach.

Punctuality and Presentation: We are always early or on time for work or meetings. We are always comfortably presentable and earnest and willing to be of service. We conduct ourselves politely and pleasantly, with grace and goodwill.

Work ethic: Work is love made visible. We work to make that love visible through consistent and concerted effort. We never yield to mediocrity, only content to give the best and most authentic work that is within our capacity. We work with joy, creativity and a playful spirit. We work with openness and a willingness to collaborate. We work with humility, the willingness to make mistakes and learn from them. We work with open mindedness and heartedness and the readiness to experiment and do something new; to acquire new perspectives. We work to serve and in serving there is health, love, joy, playfulness and a sense of adventure. We work to earn and in earning there is wealth, abundance, support, community, sustainability and the continuation of service.

“Forget yourself

Turn toward the beloved

Work is Love Made Visible

Start and the pressure will be off

Focus on the present task

Turn toward the beloved

Forget yourself”

Play Ethic: We love to play. When you love what you do then it becomes play. Working and playing with a playful attitude inspires creativity. Creativity yields growth and new expression. We work hard and do so with a loving and playful disposition. We promote wellbeing through the playful love of what we do. We take time to enjoy life, smell the flowers and reflect. We take these experiences and reflections and integrate them back into our lives and our work and we are enriched by the process. We exist in the space where work and play are one.

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